air duct cleaning in Waxhaw, NC

Improved Air Quality

Indoor Air quality (IAQ) is important for everyone that lives in your home. Everyday living creates a variety of different kinds of dust, dirt, dander, and chemicals, even before pollen becomes an issue each spring. These pollutants are then circulated an average of 5 to 7 times per day in your home. The resulting accumulation of debris throughout your system is referred to as "fouling." Many systems are actually fouled with construction debris before anyone moves in since in our area it is routine to complete interior work with the air conditioner running.

You should also consider Clean Air Solutions of NC for air duct and system cleaning anytime you have had construction or remodeling work performed inside your home. Drywall dust, paint overspray, and sawdust are all typical offenders when it comes to fouling a system, even when proper containment strategies have been used.

Increased System Efficiency and the NADCA Energy Savings Research Project

In the average home, powering the heating and cooling system accounts for nearly 30% of the total energy usage. Normal debris accumulation inside the ductwork and on equipment components decreases air flow and forces the system to work harder to maintain temperature.

A 2008 study initiated by the ,National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) with researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder investigated the impact of dirty ductwork and HVAC components on energy efficiency. The study found that even lightly fouled systems could see an average of an 11% savings in energy cost after a thorough professional cleaning. Researchers predict that heavily fouled systems-the focus of their next study-will show an even greater percentage of improvement after cleaning.

Complete Air Duct and System Cleaning

Ensuring that your ductwork is clean is only one part of the equation. According to NADCA standards, we also need to clean any fouled parts of the system that are exposed to air flow. This can include blower motors, returns, coils, and even the unit's cabinet interior. An inspection prior to cleaning is essential to gauge the degree of fouling and the components affected to give you an accurate price.

Additionally, our technicians can diagnose and correct other system issues that influence system efficiency and air flow, such as proper sealing of the unit, sufficient duct insulation, or malfunctioning equipment.

Air Duct and System Cleaning Estimates

A question we answer every day is why we don't quote the price of air duct cleaning over the phone. A better question would be why consumers would trust any company that quotes a job sight unseen.

Our pricing is based on precisely what work needs to be performed, which can vary widely between homes. Square footage does not adequately narrow down the configuration of the ductwork and HVAC system, let alone provide us with the current condition of your system.

Residential estimates in Union County and the South Charlotte area are free and typically last an hour or less. Estimates in the greater Charlotte area are performed for a small fee based on travel time. That way, you know exactly what to expect, and we know exactly what needs to be done before the appointment is even scheduled.