hvac maintenance in Waxhaw, NC

HVAC Maintenance

All heating and air conditioning HVAC systems require regular maintenance to keep them running running efficiently and performing at their best.

Clean Air Solutions of NC offers seasonal maintenance programs & packages for homeowners and quarterly maintenance for light commercial systems that take the guesswork out of HVAC upkeep, without the hassle of a monthly contract.

Why You Should Consider Preventative Maintenance:

  • System Efficiency - Ensure the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning equipment-and any other air quality products, like humidifiers, HEPA filters, or dehumidifiers-by verifying that everything is operating properly. We also keep your dryer running at peak performance with regular maintenance that includes dryer vent cleaning and inspection.
  • Fewer Breakdowns - Eliminate maintenance-related service emergencies, such as a blocked condensate line or a dirty evaporator coil, that can lead to a system failure when you need your heating or cooling the most.
  • Lower Repair Costs - Diagnosing problems in their early stages can give you more repair options and more decision-making time. Eventual replacement is inevitable for every system, but some smaller problems can actually contribute to the breakdown of other, more expensive components. A refrigerant leak, for instance, can many times be repaired for a few hundred dollars-but let it go long enough to damage the compressor, and then you'll be spending thousands of dollars.
  • Safety - Seasonal inspection of your gas furnace is essential to safe operation during the cooler months. Cracks that develop in the heat exchanger can leak hazardous fumes back into your living space, as well as pose a fire hazard. Our maintenance packages also include dryer vent cleaning to further decrease your risk of fire from excess dryer lint or damaged dryer venting.
  • Longevity - Keeping your heating, air conditioning, and air quality equipment in good operating condition enables your system to perform better and last longer.
  • Discounted Refrigerant - For all of our customers with older systems, we offer a discount on R-22 refrigerant (known many times by the brand name Freon) when they also have a preventative maintenance package. An old system will need replacement eventually, but if that isn't feasible immediately, we can help keep the repair costs down with careful upkeep and a discount on any refrigerant you do need.

Consistent, professional maintenance pays for itself by identifying and correcting small problems before they can cause a major issue at your home or your business.

A seasonal appointment is also a great opportunity for you to have your complete system evaluated and to ask any questions you have regarding air quality or indoor comfort options. Upgrading your thermostat or adding a humidifier can significantly improve the comfort level inside your home.